Useful Information - EYFS/Reception, KS1 and KS2 Teaching and Topic Resources

Downloading files and folders from Topic Resources 

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Please be sure to download your resources within 48 hours of the confirmation e mail as the download link will become inactive after this time!

Unzipping zip files from Topic Resources

If you have Windows XP or above installed on your computer, it has a built-in zip capability and you do not need to download any software to enable you to unzip files. Simply right-click on the zipped file you have downloaded from Topic Resources, point to 'open with' and then click on Internet Explorer.

If you do not have Windows XP you will need to download a free zip programme. There are many available such as 7-zip 4.42 (2006-05-14) for Windows. If you click on choose the first programme and click download. Download it to your computer.

Once downloaded double click the .exe file that you have downloaded and run through the installer and install the application into your programs folder. (My Computer:C Drive: Program Files)

Once installed a folder called 7-zip should be visible in this folder.

To unzip your purchase from Topic Resources, right-click on the file and you should see an option called 7-zip. Choose Extract Files then OK. This will extract the contents of the zip file to the same folder the zip file was in.


Printing PDF Files from Topic Resources

For better printing results, we have found that it helps to have your print settings set to A4.



You can download Smartboard software onto your home computers by following this link.  SMART Notebook collaborative learning software.  Details of how to obtain a serial number and product key are available on the Smarttech site.